Norma Jeane Baker of Troy

Norma Jeane Baker of Troy

“But the precise calibration of the physical production holds your attention… The cohesive technical elements include Alex Eales’s perfectly detailed “Mad Men”-era set, Sussie Juhlin-Wallén’s matching costumes, Anthony Doran’s crepuscular lighting and Donato Wharton’s creepily insinuating sound.” – New York Times

“…the venue isn’t just sleek but spacious, with plenty of room for set designer Alex Eales to build out an impressively, meticulously rendered stage. We’re inside an office, and all the familiar accoutrements—desks, tiled ceiling, various papers and office supplies—are there. Throughout the whole play, we can see snow falling outside the window, some of it gathered along the frames, showing just how exacting and realistic the staging is.” – Exeunt NYC



Anne Carson


Katie Mitchell

Set Designer

Alex Eales

Costume Designer

Sussie Juhlin Wallen

Lighting Designer

Anthony Doran